The McLafferty Family of Romulus, New York, 1772-1875
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McLafferty Family Genealogy / History, 1772-1875

About ten years ago, my husband & I came into possession of the McLafferty family Bible. It belonged to Rachel Dunn McLafferty; an inscription inside reads "Rachel McLafferty Her Book 1866." The Bible contains the McLafferty family history in New Jersey and in Romulus, Seneca County, NY from the turn of the 19th century to about 1875, recording the dates of marriages, births and deaths and including a number of photographs.

I found all this fascinating and eventually set about constructing a history of the family based on the names, dates, and photos found in the Bible. Some of the information I found in the McLafferty's Bible was unclear, so there is some speculation involved in piecing together the puzzle that is their history.

Since then I've located more information about the family - though not much - on the internet. Most helpful was the diary of Henry McLafferty Jr. (III), which is owned by the Rochester NY library. Other genealogical, church, and legal records websites filled in a few more blanks. You'll find links to these websites and other genealogy sites on the Resources page. Despite these resources, there is still very little information about the McLafferty family available. (And, unfortunately, a few websites on which I once found relevant information are no longer extant.)

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